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open​: chibis, full bodies, commercial design

closed: illustrations, charms

Flirt - for Ella on TH
Kiibo Commission
razzberriezz on ToyHouse - 2
razzberriezz on ToyHouse - 3
razzberriezz on ToyHouse
marnie - 1
marnie - 2
Kezz - 2
DADay Commission
Chibi - Keiya for Kokushibyo
Utsukushii for Kokushibyo
Chibi - Holly Commission
Chibi - Star Wars Coupl (Cal)
80s Dulcet Chibi
Chibi - Summer Vibes Nierra Commission
​chibis - $30+
  • single character | additional characters +$30

  • simple shading is default | fully painted available for +$30

  • solid or simple pattern are included | complex backgrounds available, price based on complexity

  • can be turned into a keychain and mailed to you for +30$ within USA (+50 Canada, +55 INTL)

  • glitter, gold foil, or specialty clasp can be included at an additional cost.

  • simple looping animation available, contact for quote

Magic - for Ella on TH
Cure Twinkle 2021
DND Magical Girl - High Elf Druid
Standard - Jacie Lolita
Standard - Dwarven Ranger
Standard - Devin Commission
Andarateia Cantori - Saint of Power Earned and Protector of Women
Reva and the Chantry
Viera Surana Kiss
Standard - Dulcet Bunny
Commission - human Bard
Pride 2021: Jersey & Hoya
Untitled design
Fashion Study -  Pepper
Standard - Kezz Commission Ref Sheet
Knight Star Light
Neopets: Blaque Night
standard style - $55+
  • base price is for single full body, flat colors + simple shading like blush, cell shadows | fully painted figures is +50% final total

  • simple background or transparent only

  • thigh up is a 10% discount, bust is a 20% discount

  • additional figures +$55 for each unique figure, thigh up and bust discounts applied

  • additional sketches such as expressions for character reference are +$10 ea

  • additional outfits for character reference are $25 - $45 depending on complexity or if design is needed

Dragon Age - Wildflowers Prompt
CricEli New Years - Still
Viera Surana 2023
Draculacey - Still
ChaoticStray on TH  2
Original - Neon Ghost
Commission - Rock the Vote ANE 2020
Original - Bugvan
Dead People Tea - Critical Role
​full illustration - $200+
  • lowest price includes 2 characters | additional figures can be added, discounts for single characters

  • background/setting of your choice | complex settings may incur a higher quote

  • fully rendered in style chosen

Logo - PMGE
Ladies Making Comics Logo
Logo - Lemonade Cat (white bg)
Logo - R3
Short Run Packaging Business Cards
Short Run Packaging Flyers.png
Writer Business Cards - Teresa
commercial work - contact for quote
  • includes logos, mascots, business cards, flyers, digital promotions/advertisements, etc.

  • terms and conditions will be decided upfront along with pricing

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