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commission terms + contact form

  • Non-commercial commissions are via paypal with 50% up front and 50% upon the approval of the sketch.

    • Once the price is agreed upon there is no negotiation and the scope of the commission cannot be adjusted once work has begun.

    • Additional services such as image licensing or commercial use can be discussed once the initial commission is complete. There is no volume discount.

  • Commissions will be worked on in the order they are received once payment is complete and will be finished promptly upon payment received unless extenuating circumstances are communicated.

  • Estimated completion dates will be communicated unless a deadline is provided.

  • Commission files will be provided as high resolution PNG files unless otherwise requested.

  • Commissions are for non-commercial use unless otherwise agreed upon. They cannot be re-distributed for profit or used in marketing, logos, advertising, etc. This includes- but is not limited to- NFTs, stock images, training AI programs, etc. As the artist I retain the rights to the piece. Commercial pricing can be discussed.

  • There are no refunds and I reserve the right to refuse service

✓ can/will create

  • original characters/designs

  • characters from existing ips

  • anthros

  • nudity

  • mild blood/gore

  • sexual situations (provided all characters are 18+)

✘ can't/will not create

  • mecha

  • cars/vehicles

  • excessive gore

  • non-consensual situations or incest

  • racist imagery or idolatry

order form

thanks for your order! I'll respond within 24 hours of receiving the form unless I am currently traveling for work. thank you for your patience!

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