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Shaker stim style charms of my favourite hololiver vtubers! ☆ MOSTLY TEMPURA - FLAYON, AXEL, ALTARE WILL BE COMING SOON


HoloTempus Head Quaters (HQ)

  • Magni Dezmond Copium Bottle ☆ features red 'copium' beads ☆ two mini magmite acrylic shaker components
  • Vesper Noir Tea Cup ☆ features semi-transparent tea accents ☆ mini spear, Vestea and Vesper Bat acrylic shaker components


HoloTempus Vanguard (VG)

  • Josuiji Shinri Koi Pond ☆ features semi-transparent pond water ☆ mini lore, coffee and koipanion acrylic shaker components
  • Bingus (Gavis Bettel) Jared ☆ mini Phantom, Bettel 2 glasses, top hat and tomato acrylic shaker components
  • Banzoin Hakka Egg ☆ mini Hakitto, microphone and strawberry acrylic shaker components


Other HoloStars / HoloLive

  • Kobo Kanaeru Cloud ☆ features blue beads and raindrop attachments ☆ mini umbrella and cloud mascot acrylic shaker components


8 cm layered acrylic charm with smaller shaking components ☆ clasp may vary from photos


Each charm has a protective plastic to keep it from being damaged during shipping which may make it look like the charm has bubbling or scratches. Please peel off the plastic to see the shiny smooth acrylic underneath.

Hololive Vtuber shaker key chains

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