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Shaker stim style charms of my favourite hololive vtubers! I'm so sorry if your favourite girl isn't here. There's so many of them and I only have the energy to draw my oshiest of oshis. (Bae and Ollie are next)


Hololive EN ADVENT

☆ Bijou Koseki Gem of Emotion ☆ features semi-transparent cracked holographic acrylic ☆ includes a pebble and critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 Sage Job Stone


☆ Shiori Novella Yorick ☆ features semi-transparent Yorick glob ☆ includes mini microscope, siccors, bugs and some books


Hololive ID

☆ Kobo Kanaeru Rain Cloud ☆ features blue rain beads inside and giant dangling rain droplets  ☆ includes her umbrella and mascot


Hololive JP

☆ Omaru Polka's Tent ☆ features semi transparent spotlight on shaker and special bow shaped clasp ☆ includes mini fanmascot, ball and megaphone


8 cm layered acrylic charm with smaller shaking components ☆ clasp may vary from photos


Each charm has a protective plastic to keep it from being damaged during shipping which may make it look like the charm has bubbling or scratches. Please peel off the plastic to see the shiny smooth acrylic underneath.

Hololive Vtuber shaker key chains

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