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Dragon Age elves done in the style of saints


4" x 6" Postcard Sized Prints with metallic foil accents (except Felassan)  


  • Fenris - Saint of Freedom, silver foil hand and lyrium markings
  • Sera -Saint of Mischief and WLW, gold foil hair and arrow head
  • Solas - Saint of Regret, red foil fire and Dread wolf eyes
  • Zevran - Saint of Luck and Fortune, gold foil hair and coins
  • Merril - Saint of Lost History, red foil blood and vallaslin
  • Felassan - Saint of Patience, no foil accents


This is a Pre-Order, items expected to ship before the end of the year. Items ordered during the pre-order period may also recieve a special bonus mini print of one of the DLC/Side game elven companions: Tallis, Velanna, Sketch, Ariane, or Sendis.


Returns are not accepted on prints.

Dragon Age Elven Saint Prints

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