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Bardic Inspiration is a book that combines our background in zines with our love for tabletop play and in particular - BARDS!!

There's a feature/inspiration section that is just about giving DMs and players alike ideas for what the bard traditionally is and how it can also transcend the role it has kind of been type-cast into. Have you considered a washed-up rockstar bard who busks just to make ends meet? A Bard who uses sleep serum and dream manipulation? One who isn't clowning around anymore (or maybe that's ALL she's doing??)? We have all that for you, and more :)

And besides that section we have Actual Play content. New Backgrounds, spells, items, and encounters made just for this project :)

The book is 8.5"x5.5" soft cover, with perfect bound spine! The covers are nice and matte. All of the base content adds up to about ~80 pages.

Our Participating Artists/Creators are
Alberloze | Amber | Arjay| Corrin | Felix | Geo | Ennis Rook Bashe | LavenderArts | Lou | Lucy | Maz | Morgan | Nat | Simone | Starmoths | Stem

and the mods are Kasia & Nina with contributions and editing by Teese!

Thank You!


Bardic Inspiration (5e Supplemental)

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