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Ninapedia Clothing Lines

Ninapedia is an all encompassing umbrella brand the allows me to explore multiple style avenues that suit my whims and fancy. As someone who's nonbinary, bisexual, and polyamorous I have never made a single decision in my life and I don't plan on starting with my fashion sense.

I was involved in my local Jfashion and alt fashion scenes since my parents allowed me to start dressing myself. Style inspirations range from classic Fairy Kei to Vintage Arcades and everything inbetween.

Lines are split up by themes, click below to see each line and the inspirations behind them.



Circus Bear is a line of clothing and products that is inspired by my love of the circus and clowns. I started to incorporate that love into my designs just as clowncore and kidcore were beginning to rise in popularity - lucky me! I'm currently in the process of producing several additional pieces in this line that I'm aiming to have complete by this summer.

Other inspirations include: Fairy Kei, Decora (Hadeko), and Shinora.


Originally started by my desire to look like a bowling alley carpet and then spurred on by my inability to settle on an aesthetic. Each new item is inspired by some random point in time that my whims take me to. Currently showcasing aesthetics from the 00s, 90s, 80s, 70, 60s, and 40s. Some of the images below are future clothing graphics.

Other inspirations include: Shinora, Decora, and Nu Metal.


All my other fashion endevours! I plan on doing a line inspired by folklore and the fae next to indulge my love for mori or maybe expand on my Honey Henshin/Kumahou Shojou or Sailor Awoo lines. The future is only limited by my imagination and time hahah.

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