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Fun glittery candy bag shakers with some of my favourite magical girls inside.


Choose between:

  • Cheese - Nagisa from Puelle Magia Madoka Magica / Magia Record
  • Lemon Ducks - Ahiru from Princess Tutu



  • Glitter amount varies from candy bag to candy bag.
  • Bags are a little squishie! Not hard plastic.
  • About 6 cm

Magical Girl Shaker Key Chains

  • This shop cannot support orders going to the EU and UK due to the laws concerning VAT. Please visit the etsy listing for this product and purchase there.

  • Returns and exchanges can only be accepted if the item is demonstrably damaged upon arrival. Proof must be submitted within the first week recieved. Because this is a small run store, stock is limited there are situations where an exchange is not applicable and a refund or store credit will be offered instead. We appreciate your understanding in this. Thank you!

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