open​: chibis, full bodies, magical girl sketches, commercial design

closed: illustrations, charms

​chibis - $30 ea. +
  • Single Character, multiple characters can be included for an additional cost.

  • Simple shading is default, it can be fully painted at an additional cost.

  • Transparent background unless otherwise requested. Solid color or simple pattern BG can be added at no extra cost.

  • Can be turned into a keychain and mailed to you for +15$ within USA (+20 Canada, +25 INTL)

  • Glitter, gold foil, or specialty clasp can be included at an additional cost.

magical girl sketch - $35 ea.
  • Provide a picture + up to 3 favourite things + favourite colour and I can turn you, a loved one, or your character into a magical girl!

  • Full body, single character + simple shading only.

  • 900 x 900 px

  • Transparent or white background only.

full body - $55 ea. +
  • Base price is for flat colours and simple additions like blush, simple shading, etc. Fully painted figures is an additional cost.

  • Default price is for single figure, can do up to 4 in a single image at additional cost.

  • Simple background or transparent only.

  • Able to do thigh-up for a slight discount

  • Additional sketches and bust can be added to create a character reference sheet!

  • Very varied in my styles, please let me know which one you like this most!

  • I love drawing Table Top RPG characters!

​full illustration - $200 ea. +
  • Default price includes 2 characters (more can be included for an additional cost)

  • Includes background/setting of your choice

  • Fully painted

  • Can work in different styles. If you don't provide a style I'll use my default.

commercial work - contact for quote
  • Includes logos, business cards, flyers, digital promotions/advertisements, etc.

  • Terms and conditions will be decided upfront along with pricing

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