graphic design


Retro Roll is a merchandise line with TTRPG (Table Top Role Play Game) motifs inspired by the iconic influences of decades past. Each new collection / product attempts to capture influential design motifs retro and vintage design.

Because of that the look and feel of the marketing materials around these lines attempt to reflect a similar era. The aesthetic of Retro Roll mutates to fit whatever decade or culture influence it takes after.

Honey Henshin is a line of products with motifs of magical girls, honey, bees and bears. Originally conceptualized as Kumahou Shoujo (a play on the Japanese word for Bear- Kuma- and magical girl Mahou Shoujo) for a enamel pin crowd funding campaign through Kick Starter the brand has evolved to feature additional products such as prints, fans, and buttons.

The branding around Honey Henshin is designed to incorperate all components of it's original inspiration: bees, honey, bears and Sailor Moon-esque heroines. This even includes a mascot: Theodora "Teddy" Osito.